The Alosoul electronic duo was founded in 2020 by two brothers, Fabio and Davide Sola, the first cellist and drummer and the second electric guitarist with the same passion for electronic music composed of synthesizers and experimental basslines.

The two artists are inspired by the Berlin clubculture both for the production of the tracks and for the freedom of interpretation of the productions played during the live sets.

In 2021 their first EP ‘Return to the Wild’ was released, consisting of six tracks with sounds that alternate between energetic rhythms and relaxing beats.

Then Alosoul embarked on a path of experimentation with different electronic musical genres, passing from techno to deep house and melodic / minimal techno.

At the beginning of 2022 the ‘Acid Issues’ EP was released with two reworked versions of the ‘Gravitational Issues’ track, released in 2021, and a bonus track with Acid Techno sounds to top it all off.

Their live sets are characterized by Techno, Minimal/Melodic Techno and Berlin sounds.

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