Lavostrox a.k.a Alessio Lavorini was born in Florence in 87. At the age of 14 he approached the world of music production.
His passion for composing electronic music tracks in general, leads him from an initial selftaught approach, to specialization in the more professional field acquiring expertise on the
world of music production.

Unlike many of his peers, he prefers to work as a Producer-Ghost producer-studio and Mastering technician, focuses on professionalism and know-how.
The opportunity to work in a professional level studio represents an important turning point for Lavostrox, which came about thanks to his collaboration with Omar Neri, founder of Presslaboys as well as owner of Presslab Records.After the release of the Single “Hollywood” in 2012 on Presslab Records the activity of technician and producer proceeds for several years in the studios of Arezzo. During this
period Lavorini was often confronted with musicians, djs and artists related to the world of techno and house music especially underground.

In the same period was born a close collaboration and friendship with Alex Picciafuochi, a well-known sound engineer and a true mastering guru in Italy and beyond. This experience led him to be a punctilious and focused technician on the one hand, and a “versatile” artist on the other, producing tracks ranging from Ambient to soundtracks to techno, the beating heart of his productions.

In 2014 he produced with the Presslab team an album under the pseudonym “Destroy All Robots” released on Smilax.

In 2018, a new project denoted “Two Dots” was born together with Veneto DJ-Producer Daniele De Marchi, whom he met right in the Presslab studios.

In 2021 together with Omar Neri under the pseudonym “Alone” he releases three releases on Sun Generation records.

Lavostrox is co-founder with Omar neri of the Aretino Club “Be one’s” where he is also resident DJ that in recent years has become a reference point of the local underground
scene, a true space of musical research for lovers of club culture.

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