Born from the young collaboration between 2 DJ & Producer friends from Marseille, Open Minded begins to reveal a techno with 2 sides. From a melodic, captivating techno with melancholy sounds, to a more raw and danceable techno, favoring explosive kicks and deep bass, the duo is now well launched.

In just a few months of existence, several of their productions have been signed, notably with Renesanz Records, Eclipse Recordings and Monkey League.

Performing on the local scene in the south of France, they created their own collective ‘KHARMA’ by bringing out their 1st techno event based in Aix-en-Provence and which was a success.

And the French duo does not stop there by chaining musical projects, in particular with the creation of ‘L’Instant Electronique’, a sharp DJ set, entirely filmed, and developed by musical theme, allowing them to highlight their own production, but also those other DJ/Producer who had a direct impact on their artistic vision.

One thing is certain, their journey has only just begun and they will impose very soon on the French electronic scene.

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