Mark Pihlar, a 20-year-old DJ/Producer from Slovenia, is rapidly gaining recognition in the techno scene. Based in Ljubljana, he has performed at prestigious venues like Club K4 and L56, and at notable events including Croatia’s Forestland Festival and Possession in Ljubljana.

Mark is not just a DJ but also a promoter, contributing to the local scene through his Project Slovenia and collaborating with organizations like UbiEvents and Fracture to host raves featuring renowned DJs.

Renowned for his deep, resonating kicks and driving drums, Mark’s sets are influenced by artists like Charlotte de Witte and UMEK, offering energetic and enthralling performances.

As a producer, he stands out with his unique bass lines and euphoric melodies, marking him as a rising star in the techno world. With numerous unreleased tracks and a passion for pushing artistic limits, Mark Pihlar is an emerging talent to watch in the techno community.

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